What Activists Need to Know About Video Archiving and Preservation

This month we are pleased to be releasing three new videos that talk about video archiving and preservation. Why it’s important for activists, and what you need to know to preserve your videos.

[pullquote]Did you know…October is American Archives Month and October 27 is the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.[/pullquote]

Advocacy campaigns can take time to achieve results, so it’s important that your videos remain available after they are filmed. Moreover, videos that are kept intact and authentic are more trustworthy and usable in contexts like human rights reports or courtrooms. In the long run, video documentation can serve as valuable visual historical records of abuse and change.

Our first video in the series provides a brief overview of the main activities you should plan for to keep your videos safe and usable over a short, medium, or long period of time. Check it out below to see what you can start doing now, and what you can be prepared for!

Our Activists’ Guide to Archiving Video has more detailed information on all the topics mentioned in this video:

Stay tuned for our next video, Deconstructing Digital Video for Activists, on October 15th. We hope to make these videos part of an ongoing series. Are there video archiving topics that you want us to cover? We’re taking suggestions, so let us know!

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