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See “Hash Value”

CLI (Command-Line Interface)

A way of interacting with a computer program which involves typing lines of text in a command-line shell. Some programs are only available with command-line interfaces, which facilitate their automation and use in programming scripts. However, command-line interfaces can be harder for casual computer users to interact with than graphical user interfaces (GUI), which use windows, icons, menus, and pointers.


A codec is software that can encode/compress and decode/decompress digital files, including video files. Common video codecs include H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-2, and DV. A video stream can be encoded with one of these codecs and contained in a file format like AVI or Quicktime.


A legal protection intended to give the creator of original work exclusive rights to their work for a designated length of time. It gives the creator the exclusive right to copy, use, adapt, show, and distribute their own work, and the right to determine who else can copy, use, adapt, show, and distribute the work.

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