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Information Package

A self-describing container - usually a clearly named folder or directory - used to keep media and its related documentation or metadata together.

Informed Consent

The process of ensuring that a person identified in a video fully understands the purpose and intended use of the recording, as well as any potential unintended consequences of his or her participation. With this awareness, the person must voluntarily give his or her permission to be identified and for the recording to be used.


The quality of being whole, unaltered, and uncorrupted. A file that is not intact may not be usable or may have decreased informational and evidential value. Videos files can lose their integrity if they are accidentally mishandled, deliberately tampered with, or if data corruption occurs in transfer or storage due to hardware or software malfunction. The best way to ensure integrity is to establish a system to check file fixity regularly (e.g. by computing hashes and checking them against a registry of previously computed hashes) and to restore any corrupted files from an intact copy.


In an information technology (IT) system, the quality of being able to exchange information with another system and being able to use that information. Using widely adopted formats, metadata standards, and controlled vocabularies enhances interoperability.

The Archiving Workflow

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