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The process of becoming out-of-date and unsupported by available technology. Video cameras, video formats, storage media and storage devices, can all become obsolete over time. The obsolete technology is functional but is unusable because the other technologies they depend on no longer support them. An old video camera, for example, may not be able to plug into new computers, or an old video format might not be playable on new desktop video players.

Original File

In the digital realm, the “original file” is any copy of a file that is exactly the same (i.e. bit-for-bit) as the file in question when it was created. This means that there are no accidental or deliberate alterations to any aspect of the file, including its format and technical specifications.

Original Order

The archival principle of maintaining files in the same order they were created. Original order is important to preserve context and the relationship between individual files, so that you can make sense of each file and of the whole. Keeping files in their original context makes them more complete and reliable.

The Archiving Workflow

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